ScrumRVA May Gathering: Continuous Innovation with Popcorn Flow

Popcorn Flow! Have you heard about it? Come to the May 29th ScrumRVA gathering. Popcorn Flow is based off of A3 Lean thinking, with an emphasis on continuous innovation and change, . We will provide a high level overview of the process and let you test it out. This is a great opportunity to learn a new approach to continuously innovating.

Here are some of the highlights:

1. Gain awareness and desire towards continuous innovation & change.

2. Sustain the journey, including reemphasizing the implications and opportunities that Lean & Agile can bring.

3. Gain fresh and independent insights and get models, experience and guidance on addressing specific issues observed by either the people involved or myself.

4. Deploy Popcorn Flow, a next-generation Lean & Agile approach that brings a philosophy, principles, actionable techniques and tools to introduce, sustain and accelerate rapid decision-making and continuous change in teams and organizations.

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