ScrumRVA September Gathering: Completing User Stories on Greenfield Projects & Can Checklists Help Scrum Teams?

Join fellow Scrum practitioners Tuesday, September 26, 6:00PM @ Glen Allen Library to hear 2 guest speakers discuss how they implement user stories and checklists in their scrum teams.

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Completing User Stories on Greenfield Projects, with Ben Scott

At the beginning of a project, teams will usually spend a lot of time on infrastructure, making it hard to demo anything to the business. There is a constant battle between engineers and product owners on what needs to be built first.

But you don’t need to compromise. Infrastructure can be generated, using an application generator called JHipster that allows scrum teams to focus primarily on delivering business value right at the start of the project.

In a live demo, attendees will see a microservice application created that provides the foundation for completing a user story:

‘As an inventory manager I want to add products to the inventory’

Can Checklists Help You Improve Delivery with Scrum? with Eric Palmer
In his book the Checklist Manifesto, Atul Gawande makes a compelling and interesting case for using checklists to save lives. At the University of Richmond, our goals are more modest. We started by wondering if checklists can help us delivery more and with higher quality. So we implemented a READ-DO and a DO-CONFIRM checklist for the UR scrum team to use. We will talk about why checklists are helpful, the two formal types and when you might use one over the other. We will discuss our experiences with checklists at the University and how they have helped us improve quality and delivery.

Can’t make this one? Join us the last Tuesday of each month (except this October because that’s Halloween!). We look forward to seeing you.